Our Founder

Bruce Kaylor grew up around construction and developed his general carpentry skills within the construction industry and specialized in stairs and roof framing. He became an acknowledged expert in damage repair and home rebuilding for Allstate Insurance Company during the two years following the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Throughout the remainder of the decade and early into this century, Bruce served in senior management positions for major Southern California construction and insurance claims restoration corporations taking them to new revenue levels in the appraisals of rebuilding lost structures.

Insurance carriers' employed Bruce as their forensic consultant, bringing him in constant contact with families challenged with rebuilding their homes after suffering catastrophic losses from fires, floods and hurricanes utilizing traditional general contractors whose exorbitant pricing per square foot resulted in many homeowners being underinsured and without affordable options to rebuild.

When the Cedar Canyon wildfires of 2003 destroyed over 2600 homes in San Diego, Bruce recognized the need for reducing the expense of conventional general contractor services. With Bruce Kaylor's extensive network of resources he was able to provide complete construction and building management at a reduced cost per square foot. When compared to the typical cost through other general contractors, it is clear to see why homeowners sought the assistance of Assist U2 Build™. In addition, Bruce provided homeowners totaled-loss assessments on behalf of their insurance carriers and acted as advocate and consultant for these homeowners by orchestrating and supervising the completion of their entire construction process from foundation to finish.

During the next years' widespread devastation from hurricanes in Southern Florida, Bruce became the large loss insurance adjuster for several Florida insurance carriers and handled over 150 homes' and businesses' damage loss claims. Acting as contracting consultant for clients in San Diego, Bruce incorporated Assist U2 Build™ in mid-2004 and positioned the company to accept hundreds of projects throughout Southern California and Florida. His vision is to brand AU2B nationwide while developing the franchise infrastructure concurrent with perfecting our business model of construction management with cost containment.

With Bruce Kaylor's dedication to client satisfaction, commitment to cost savings and over 30-years building industry experience; consider selecting Assist U2 Build™ to serve as your home or business construction consultant.

Ben and Mary Jo L.

"Here’s what you need to know about Assist U2 Build and Bruce Kaylor:

- Assist U2 Build is deeply committed to you, the client, and to getting your project done the way you envision.

- Assist U2 Build has a fantastic team, that is highly skilled and deeply committed to getting the task done right.

- Bruce, the president of Assist U2 Build, is a good listener – he is deeply committed to understanding the client – a rare and important builder skill.

- Bruce is energetic, very honest, and always hard working.

- Bruce is deeply committed to coming alongside – he soon became not only our builder, but also our friend.

We are extremely happy with our project outcome, and we are confident you will be as well."


Assist U2 Build, Inc. is focused on educating and assisting our clients with the building process while holding the construction team accountable, ensuring that they operate with the highest standards and levels of integrity. We strive to improve our client's faith with the owner-builder process while giving them full knowledge and control. Whether they are simply remodeling or have fallen victim to a catastrophic event, such as a fire or flood, we are determined to protect our clients from being re-victimized during the re-building process.