In partnership with Assist U2 Build™ you:

  • Own, manage and grow your own business; following proven methods and systems
  • Access Assist U2 Build's™ SBA Guaranty Loan application status
  • Be a leader in the paradigm shift towards full disclosure and accountability-the future of the construction industry
  • Attend classroom training - How to operate a successful Assist U2 Build™ Franchise
  • Proven, successful business experience in the building construction industry
  • Looking to add to your existing core business
  • Sales and marketing experience
  • Willingness to follow the AU2B system
  • Professional demeanor to carry on AU2B's outstanding reputation
Franchise Models

We offer a business that you can be proud to own and operate. We award both Franchises and Area Developments. This is determined by the size of territory. A Franchise is determined by zip codes geographically sufficient to encompass a population up to 200,000. An Area Development Franchise Agreement is for the development of multiple businesses in a larger than 200,000 population.

Construction and Consulting Management Franchise Details

SD General Contractor Franchise Offering

Matthew S.,

"Over the last three years, my investor and I have used Bruce Kaylor of Assist U2 Build exclusively for our numerous home rehab projects, ranging from $26,000 jobs to $175,000 jobs.

Bruce has always completed work in a timely manner, and stayed within our budget. Additionally, he has provided valuable insight into the remodel ideas. He has been an indispensable part of our home investment team, and has consistently saved us money, while increasing the value of our homes."


Assist U2 Build, Inc. is focused on educating and assisting our clients with the building process while holding the construction team accountable, ensuring that they operate with the highest standards and levels of integrity. We strive to improve our client's faith with the owner-builder process while giving them full knowledge and control. Whether they are simply remodeling or have fallen victim to a catastrophic event, such as a fire or flood, we are determined to protect our clients from being re-victimized during the re-building process.