Wayne L.

"Assist U2 Build, Inc has proven to be a dependable, communicative and valuable resource and partnership throughout the numerous properties that I have purchased and re-sold. Bruce was always available to discuss the vast details that arise from these types of endeavors. Assist U2 Build saved me money on many different levels. Because of Bruce's highly experienced and detail-oriented approach, I continue to scan the market for projects due to his dedication and the impressive consulting and management services provided by his company."


Assist U2 Build, Inc. is focused on educating and assisting our clients with the building process while holding the construction team accountable, ensuring that they operate with the highest standards and levels of integrity. We strive to improve our client's faith with the owner-builder process while giving them full knowledge and control. Whether they are simply remodeling or have fallen victim to a catastrophic event, such as a fire or flood, we are determined to protect our clients from being re-victimized during the re-building process.