Enrique L.
July, 2018, Large Scale

"When my wife and I bought our house in Poway, we never had previous experience in such a big renovation and rehabilitation project. A friend of mine recommended me five contractors; one of them was Assist U2 Build. Bruce Kaylor was the first to respond, he came to the house and took note of all we wanted to change, he measured everything, recorded all our wishes and the most important thing, he listened to us. None of the rest of contractors showed the interest Bruce did from day one so we decided to go with Assist U2 Build.

His proposal was detailed and easy to understand. He did not miss a thing we wanted to change. Assist U2 Build provided an exceptional work, they were fast even when we changed our minds from one day to another and they made our rehabilitation dream a reality. Bruce was always there responding our questions. He provided details for every single item, he showed professionalism and trust every day. We really appreciate what Assist U2 Build did for us and will contract them in any other work we will do in the future."


Assist U2 Build, Inc. is focused on educating and assisting our clients with the building process while holding the construction team accountable, ensuring that they operate with the highest standards and levels of integrity. We strive to improve our client's faith with the owner-builder process while giving them full knowledge and control. Whether they are simply remodeling or have fallen victim to a catastrophic event, such as a fire or flood, we are determined to protect our clients from being re-victimized during the re-building process.